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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chili, chili, bang bang!

Dear Readers:

This isn't really earth shattering news or anything, but I thought ya might find it interesting!
In northern Tanzania, the area around Tarangire National Park where elephants live, has seen substantial civilization growth since the park was established in 1970
So, ya got elephants, and ya got people, and when they mix there is bound to be trouble.

The villagers put the run to these pachyderms by poking them with spears, but this often injured the animals ......, plus it would piss them off.

So the local authorities came up with a better plan. 

They would get a bunch of condoms, (lots of these around because of the whole AIDS thing) and then fill them will chili powder and put a giant firecracker in the middle.

These they would light and throw at the elephants, where they would explode and give off a cloud of irritating chili powder that went all over the the herd.

This seems to work quite well, and saves the elephants from harm ....., that is until the poachers can kill them for their tusks!