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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to spot an illegal Alien!

Dear Readers:

Now that Donald Drumpf has gone down to Mexico to try and fix the illegal alien problem, we thought that we would help out with a bit of thoughtful advice.

Image result for alien clipartMost illegal aliens (also known as illegal immigrants , undocumented immigrants, and EWI's (Entry Without Inspection)) are normal, hardworking individuals simply pursuing economic opportunity for their family.

While improper entry into the United States is a misdemeanor, unlawful presence (living in America without proper legal status) is only a civil offense.

Just because someone is currently an illegal alien does not mean that they entered the country illegally. Image result for alien clipartIn the United States and other countries, illegal immigration rapidly outpaces legal immigration.

Some economists posit that illegal aliens decrease wages for legal citizens, while other studies find that illegal aliens create a "tax burden" on an economy by consuming a greater monetary value of government services than they contribute in tax revenue.

Image result for alien clipart In any case, illegal aliens are against the law.

For instructions on how to identify and report illegal aliens contact your local department of 'Men in Black!'

Or, phone them by dialing 1-800-SCUFFLER