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Saturday, 27 August 2016

I am not a racist, but I am a culturalist!

Dear Readers:

I've said it before, and I will continue to say that I am not a racist because as a race we are all about the same ....., but I am a Culturalist, because not all cultures are the same! (And NO, I'm not talking about cab drivers!!!!!)

Halifax taxi

This guy is an example of the culture he grew up in, (Middle-Eastern) and shows us why people who come to this land need to adopt our values and morals ...., or they are not going to get along with the majority!
HALIFAX - A 28-year-old man in Halifax has turned himself in to police in connection with one of several reported sexual assaults involving taxi drivers this year.
Investigators arrested Saher Hamdan at Halifax Regional Police headquarters on Thursday.
Police say Hamdan has been charged in relation to a July 15 incident in which a young woman said she was sexually assaulted in a cab while waiting to pay her fare
They say the taxi driver tried to kiss the young woman, locked her door and touched her in a sexual manner without her consent.
Police say there have been 14 reported sexual assault cases involving taxi drivers that have occurred in Halifax over the past four years.
Hamdan is due to appear in Halifax provincial court on Oct. 5 to face a charge of sexual assault.