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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Me know HOW, want to know WHEN!

Dear Readers:

It was back to school this week for some elementary students in Quebec and the mother of a grade 3 boy was deeply upset and offended when the teachers wore cardboard headdresses as the class studied aboriginal culture!

Fake headress Montreal
Jennifer Dorner said she found the scene in the Montreal schoolyard distressing and offensive and posted a photo and commentary on Facebook, where it began making the rounds. "I was pretty horrified, I was hoping that this kind of thing stopped happening a long time ago, but apparently it continues so I took a picture and posted about it," she said in an interview
Dorner said that explanation is even more upsetting given the very people introducing the topic don't seem to grasp the disrespect of portraying the headdress in this way. "How can they possibly be teaching an authentic understanding of indigenous culture?," she asked. "It doesn't help their cause to say that. If anything, it makes it even more distressing. "Such headdresses are generally only worn by elders or those who've earned the right to do so.
Look folks, these people have got to get a grip, or take a pill, or something ...., because there are just too many nut cases around who are offended for somebody else!

Now if it was an Indian who was offended then maybe they would have a case, but being offended for an Indian because they weren't offended themselves is just plain nuts.

(I would bet that she is even offended that I'm calling them Indians instead of Native Americans, but you have to remember that when I grew up we never played "Cowboys and Native Americans!")