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Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday, Monday! (It just turns out that way!)

Dear Readers:

A couple of things for ya today bunky:

First of all we ran into an interesting map of the world that sort of describes the different areas and how they relate to each other.

Second, with A.I. rapidly spreading throughout the world we now have talking computers, self driving cars, pilot-less planes and drones and even robotic armies like this one from China.
They are seen here doing their morning calisthenics! (It's kind of long, but just gets better and better!)

AND FINALLY: Donald Drumpf gave a speech on taxes and the economy today and we was warned by his staff NOT to deviate from the script ......., at all!

Matter of fact, they said he gave the address from a paper that had all the main points in bullet form, but this was a misnomer ............., he was actually told that if he strayed from the script he would get a bullet to the head, as you can see from this rifle barrel sticking out from behind the flag!!!!!