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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion about what Trump would do as President!

Dear Readers:

As usual we got some good  stories from Quora Digest over the past few days and this was one of the best:

If Trump wins, will the United States be feared or respected?

Here was the answer:

Image result for toddler with a gunImagine a toddler pointing a gun at you, like this:

Imagine the gun is real, loaded with real bullets, and the safety is off. 

Imagine for some reason, the toddler is pissed and starts throwing a tantrum, probably because he pooped his pant.

Plus, you are locked in a room with him.

Imagine those things.

Now, what’s the first thing that came to your mind? Is it respect? Or fear?

Like a toddler with a loaded gun, Trump has clearly demonstrated the fact that he is completely incapable of gasping the consequences of his actions if, God forbid, he became the president. 

Some of the things he “suggested” are quite unprecedented, in a very bad way: like killing innocent family members of terrorists i.e. intentionally committing war crimes, banning Muslim including American Muslims from entering the US, his complete ignorance of how nuclear weapons work, how they should be used (or should not), and his apparent stance against the US’s long standing and bipartisan anti-nuclear proliferation policies. 

That’s in addition to his seemingly active undermining of America’s most important allies: NATO, Japan and South Korea, his cozying up to the US’s long time enemy North Korea and long time rival Russia, apparently because their leaders praised him.

What’s even more important is the fact that ignorance can be cured, but arrogance cannot.

Here's a list of some possible scenarios of a Trump Presidency:
  • immediately move 30,000 troops into Iraq with ensuing combat and deaths, causing further instability and rage in the Muslim world
  • acquiesce on any action Putin wants to take in Syria
  • acquiesce on any violence, sabotage or outright invasion Putin employs in the Ukraine
  • acquiesce on any mischief, sabotage, cyber warfare that Putin employs on the Baltic
  • remove all sanctions on Russia — the Republican Platform already calls for weakening them based on Trump’s insistence
  • antagonize Iran to the point that they abrogate the Obama Iran Nuclear deal and re-start their nuclear program
  • threaten wide-scale bombing of Iran and possibly carrying it out
  • threatening NATO allies if they don’t pay the US billions in extortion fees
  • turning Mexico even further against the US and hurting trade
  • nuclear weapons use against ISIS
  • step up torture of the guilty and the innocent alike
All in all it's not a pretty picture folks, and there are just enough idiots and assholes in the United States to give this guy a shot! (Pardon the pun!)