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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ups and Downs!

Dear Readers:

The Mrs. Herself wanted to go to Sears at our local mall and while she was there buying some stuff, or returning some stuff, or just looking at stuff, I sat in the food court in the middle of the main hallway and had a coffee. (The main corridor is about 200 or 300 yards long, or abut 180 to 280 meters, and there is an escalator on one side of the food court going up to the second floor.)

Image result for escalator clipartThe mall is a combination of stores and offices and seems to be fairly busy, but as I sat there I noticed something rather strange about the traffic on the escalators.

There were all sorts of people who took the escalator up to the second floor ....., but not one of them ever came back down again, and there were a bunch of people who came down from the second floor ...., but not one of them ever went up again!

After watching this for about half an hour it started to get really strange to me to the point where I was wondering if this was an episode of "The Twilight one!"

When we got back home I attempted to notify some government agencies about what the hell was going on there ....., but nobody seemed to care!

I will let you know how this whole thing turns out!