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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Welcome to Canada!


 Long ago, It was month of January and I had newly landed in Canada from India. It was bone chilling cold outside (specially for an Indian new in Canada -20 is unimaginable).

I was traveling back to home after a long hectic day at Office. Toronto was recently hit by a snowstorm, so everywhere there were piles of snow (2-3 ft snow on walkways, something I had never experienced earlier).

Due to so much snow all around, I could not identify my bus stop to get down and missed a couple of stops trying to figure out my mistake. Now I was stranded in unknown part of city with snow all around and terrible cold. I was to take the bus going in opposite direction but due to snowstorm the frequency was very less.

Finally when the bus arrived and I got in to the bus, The bus was crowded (as frequency was less) and all eyes were on me while I was searching for cash in different pockets. I realized I did not had any cash left with me. And people were waiting for the bus to move.

Though I was afraid to move out from the warm bus to freezing bus stop, but with a faint voice I said to the driver "sorry no cash" as I deboarded the bus.

The driver, even though looked stressed due to driving thru snow (it's really stressful), smiled warmly and said "This country is cold but our hearts are warm, just hop in".

I was surprise, I couldn't understand what to do, until few Guys standing in front row winked at me and shook their heads in a way saying "come in".