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Monday, 15 August 2016

What is the biggest misconception about Donald Trump?

Dear Readers:

We have a letter from Vikrant Srivastrava I thought you should see!

This guy is really long winded but he makes a few points we can't ignore!

You wanna know what is the biggest misconception about Donald Trump?

Image result for donald trumpI will tell you what’s the biggest misconception about Donald Trump. I will tell it to you like no one else can, I tell you that. Because I know it better than anyone else does. I shall tell it to you, like it is. I mean, I have not really read about Trump as much as others might have, others who are more qualified to make the statements that I am about to make, because all I know is what’s on the internet. But I am the most qualified person to tell you everything, because I am the one that’s telling and you are the one that’s hearing.

So let me tell you, what’s wrong with Donald Trump. But there is not just one thing, there are many things that are wrong with the Trump. I shall tell them to you. Like only I can, in the best way possible. Because I have the best people who can tell me what to tell you. They are the best, and they tell it all to me, and the best people all endorse me. I mean, whoever doesn’t agree with me being the best at telling you about Donald Trump is anyways a loser. A lightweight. I am going to be the best at saying it, and I shall say it with the best words. I am good at words, I have the best words, and I shall use them to tell it to you. Big time. Like never before.

Image result for donald trumpI have a feeling that what I am about to say is not all correct, but that’s what I am going to say, and hence it shall all become correct. Because I don’t need facts to be correct, obviously. I just need to say the words, and they shall become facts for millions. And I can form the question too, if you don’t ask them. Because the answers don’t have anything to with fact anyways, it’s how the people feel about the facts. And I know what the people want. The people are tired of hearing facts. They don’t want to hear any more facts. I know I can write anything, and people won’t mind. I can write that Obama is a muslim, and I can write that Ted Cruz is not an American citizen, and no one would mind. I mean, light-weights would mind, but who cares about them anyways. I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and write anything about shooting people and I still wouldn't lose any upvotes.

I have the best education of them all, I tell you, because I love the poorly educated. That’s why I hate the Trump university. You don’t become smart by having good education, I tell you. One thing that going to a good university on my dad’s money and influence of a few million dollars taught me, is that smart people are highly over-rated. I tell you that. Because I have the best people, the smartest people, who are really smart, and they shall tell you the same thing. These are smart people, who endorse me, and they can not be bought. I tell you, because I know the system. No one knows the system better than me.
Don’t read the other answers. Because they all say that they know about Donald Trump, because they have read about Donald Trump, and because they have researched Donald Trump, and because it seems that they have fact checked what Donald Trump says and found it to be wrong. I know how big of a disaster those other answers are, and my answers are based on what I feel. But, I tell you, they don’t know Donald Trump like I do. You can ask the KKK, they also don’t know Donald Trump like me. I mean, you don’t need to know someone for them to endorse you, do you?

Image result for donald trumpDonald Trump has also said that he doesn’t know KKK too. I mean, yes, Donald Trump said in an interview that he hates their leader, but you can always hate people without knowing them. Like I hate many people. Because they are all rapists. Rapists, I tell you, and drug dealers, and the sort. Some are nice people too, I presume, but most of them are rapists and drug dealers and criminals who are living illegally in the country. And I think they shall all be kicked out. They come from I don’t know where, and we need to stop them from coming in. And to make sure that they don’t come back when I kick them out, I should build a wall.

It shall be a great wall. The best wall ever in the history of walls. The great wall of China shall be no match for the wall that I can make. I shall make the wall, and I shall have Mexico pay for it. You can bet on it. While sitting in a casino.

But not my casino. Because mine is the best casino that there was, which served the best steak, and it’s not my fault that it went bankrupt. I mean, Trump is a businessman like me, who has built millions and billions of dollars, by just taking a small loan of a million dollars in the 1980s. I could have put all the money I have in stocks on the worse day of the year for the stock market, and still have more money than I do, but I shall not claim that as a failure. Also, I got the loan from my own father, because the banking system is all broken up, and so I don’t have to show liability or give a security against the loan. Because that is for losers, and I am not a loser. I tell you, I am not a loser. You can see that I am not a loser, by looking at my awesome model wife. Or all my gold. Or my huuuuuuge jet, which is like, really huge. Or my tax returns.

Actually no, I won’t disclose my tax returns, because they are under investigation for tax fraud for all the money I have shown as charity but the charities have said that they never got. But I assure you that they are the best returns ever. You can instead check my daughter out, who turned out to be very fine woman. I tell you, if she was not my daughter, I would be dating her.
Image result for donald trump

I have nothing to apologize for, as I am writing this answer. Also, I am rich. Because I have all the money. I mean, I have tens of billions of dollars. I mean, I don’t have tens of billions of dollars according to Forbes, but I estimate my own brand to be worth like 5 billion USD. I don’t need any maths to know or prove that, because I have calculated it by my estimate, and because I am smart, as all smart people who endorse me have said, that means I am right. So, by that same definition, let me tell you that my answer is correct and the best.

It might not be politically correct, but at least it is not a disaster. The people are tired of hearing facts, and I am not going to tell you facts. I can tell you the truth, because I know it, but it is not the facts coming from the experts. Like those which come from our secretary of state. Like she told us about Middle East. And the Middle East is a total disaster. A complete disaster, I tell you. It’s a disaster like nothing ever was. Or maybe, like Bengazhi was. A total disaster. It was a failed thing. And who can trust anyone who has such bad judgement?

They sent our troops to middle east, and wasted billions of dollars, and they have nothing to show for it. I would carpet-bomb all of middle east, and finish ISIS in a day. I am the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS. I get things done. I do not need to talk to anyone about it. I mean, why would I need to talk to the UN or the troops. I am a leader, I know how to negotiate. The troops are going to do water-boarding, because I told them that. I am even willing to put nukes in Europe, I am not taking any options off the table.

So, are you still listening to me? Because I am telling you things that no one else shall tell you. If you don’t listen to me, you shall be told that you’re fired. But not if you are an American worker, because only I know how to make money and take jobs back from China. I mean, China is winning, and we are losing to China. We are losing to China, and to India, and to Mexico. 

Image result for donald trumpMexico is killing us on trade, and Mexico is not our friend. We need to bring jobs back again. For that, I need to make sure that I make tough deals. Deals that favor American businesses. After all, I wrote the art of the deal. I wouldn’t pay a ghost writer to write that book for me, would I? I get the deals get done, and I make the best deals. So listen to me when I tell you about Donald Trump. Or I shall make sure that you regret it. And regret it you shall, because I am the best at keeping everyone happy. And safe. Obviously, I know how to keep everyone safe. I am the best at safety.

I know all the best people who know how to be safe. To be safe, we need to allow everybody to have a gun, and relax the gun laws. After all, it’s our second amendment rights. I would even allow children in schools to have guns. After all, a bad guy with a gun can only be stopped with a good guy with a gun, right?
I am writing all this from my very successful and best office ever, which has never had any fake PR agents, and I am typing this with my huge hands, so you better listen to me.

I always pay my employees, who are all American workers and not some part time foreign employees that I hired even though there were American applications and then abused them by unfair contracts, and I can tell you that, because we work together in the best office. Where all women are not forced to agree to me, and are not hired because they look pretty or have been in my beauty pageants, or to be told that they would look good on their knees. I mean, let’s be honest, they wouldn’t have the jobs if they didn’t look pretty, like all female news-reporters should, but it’s not sexism. The women in my office are not fat, ugly, disgusting pigs, unlike some other women that I know.

There is no sexism in my office. If anyone says that’s not true, I shall sue them. Because I have the lawyers, the best lawyers, and I never settle. I do settle sometimes if you don’t back down, but that doesn’t count, because I told you that I never settle. If you don’t agree with me, I shall put you at death-penalty, because I am not against death penalty. In my office, we have no segregation. I mean, I have my own gold-lift which no one else is allowed to use, but there is no segregation. Or segregation, except towards women who need to have an abortion. After all, I am pro-life, so I think there needs to be some form of punishment for those women.

 You can read all about it in my tweets, which definitely are the best tweets ever.

Image result for donald trumpThey have the best David stars, which don’t mean to imply anything, and the corrupt media is trying to make an issue out of it, but I think you should stop trying to be religiously and humanly correct and simply listen to me. Like that one black guy at my rallies amongst all the thousands of white supremacists does.
I have not even started with Hillary yet. When I start with her, she will go down so fast, I tell you, you have never seen anything go down that fast. She can’t even satisfy her husband, will she be able to satisfy America? Should I talk about the emails. I shall not talk about the emails. We all know that it is crooked to hide emails. I mean, I don’t have the email records for my own hotels and summer-properties to show to judges who ask for them, because they were very hot properties, but they are very important and we all know that Hillary should have not deleted her emails.

Also, anyways, the judge who is hearing some of the cases, like the amazing university in which I hand-picked the professors to impart knowledge from my own secrets but couldn’t later remember any details about, is from Mexico. I don’t think he can be a fair judge for my case.
Image result for donald trumpI also think you all are tired of listening to Lyin people. Because they all lie. Because they are failures. They have all failed like no one has ever failed. I tell you, I don’t like people who have failed. Or war heroes who are heroes only because they got captured in wars. Sure, Donald Trump has failed too. But he has failed so bigly, that he has not failed at all. Because, I tell you, his failing does not matter. He just had a small bad time, but he did not fail. Like others failed. They failed like so bad, I tell you, that they lie about it the worse.
So finally, I shall tell you the biggest misconception about Donald Trump .
The biggest misconception about Donald Trump is that he is a phenomenon just of this election cycle.

Donald Trump is here to stay. He is not going away. He is not a person, he is the manifestation of a phenomenon. The personification of it. He was not made in a day- the hatred and the sexism and the racism can not be made in a day. It was developed over years and decades and centuries. There is no way to deny it. Yes, there are alternate issues. 

Yes, Hillary IS crooked, and selfish, and bought by the wall street and super PACs. But supporting Trump over Hillary is not just an act of pettiness, it’s dangerous and stupid. “Bernie or bust” was a great campaign, because it showed an alternate route to success, but it is a stupid thing after the nomination, and it needs to end now. Not a week later, not a month later. 

You don’t sit at home because Bernie lost the nomination, you don’t sit at home because you can’t care to vote for anyone. You make sure that you vote. If you are not voting for Hillary, you are basically voting for Donald Trump. Because you can rest assured, Trump’s supporters are much more willing to do things to show their support for Trump than other voters are., and the only way to beat them is to turn out in huge numbers for Hillary. 

It’s sad that you have to choose such an obvious corrupt candidate, but it’s still better than a xenophobic one. Things need to change, and they won’t change by themselves- if you don’t vote for Hillary right now, you are possibly hoping for world-war. Not world domination, my dear Americans, but world war. The time is past that the US was the only world leader, and it’s just not US’s fault. That’s how the world moves, and that’s how economies work. 

The poor world had to stand up and become better at some point, and we are fast reaching that point. Globalization is what made US the powerhouse that it is today, and globalization is how it can hope to maintain the slight lead that it can. And the US should embrace their part in it, rather than fighting the issues.
Your jobs were lost, so you don’t care? I can empathize with you, but I won’t say that because you deserve a job, someone in some poor country should have to live all their life in hunger and poverty. But if they have to be given your job, the job needs to be taken from you. How do you get out of this vicious circle? 

By creating new jobs. By focusing on what made US great in the first place. Research. You have been given the opportunity to develop your skills much higher than a person in Namibia, SA or even Mexico has. Use those opportunities instead of feeling pity for yourself. 

Leave the development to the poorer countries for now, and focus on research. The jobs that went to China? They, even if they all come back, shall increase the portion of US jobs in manufacturing by hardly 8–9%. Is that enough of a reason to hate all of humanity that was not born in the US? 

You have a life which is already much more comfortable than millions and billions. Try and increase your horizon, think about the future of humanity, and know that the poor and the hungry could have very well been you, if not for a lucky chance. 

You talk about equal opportunity, don’t you? Think about equal opportunity for others, just not for yourself, and you shall find that the US stays in the lead for decades to come. Try and fight it, especially in a Trump way, and the whole US shall suffer. More than that, the US failing means that the world shall also suffer.
The US of A was not great because of some inherent “greatness” in it. It was not ‘born’ great, it had to transition towards greatness. It became great due to a dozen of reasons. There were many great men who helped in this movement. But most important was the fact that the USA was geographically secluded enough to not have the constant wars that the rest of the world had to go through, before the age of technology. It had navigable rivers, and a huge coastline. 

It is big enough, so it had all the natural resources it needed to sustain itself. It is not as cold as Antarctica, and not as hot as Australia. It did not suffer from the Mediterranean diseases like Malaria, that kept the death rate too high to ensure incomplete lack of knowledge from generation to generation, hence resulting in poverty. And more than anything, it branded itself as a land of opportunity and equality, due to things that were done by a few great men. None of whom would have come to America, had the American political system segregated them all the time. 

Remember that just 5 generations ago, nearly none of your grandparents were born in the US as well. The were immigrants, who were escaping a worse life, searching for a better one. You are a result of that search. Once again, embrace your foreigners, embrace your own women, and aim to fly higher- not to pull the whole world down.
It’s saying something about the phenomenon that is Trump, that all this has already gotten to a point where people believe the whole political system is out to get them. That people are looking towards other hardliners with almost sympathy, wishing that they had someone to vote for, who was more trustworthy. 

The lack of empathy is so severe, that people are clearly willing to listen to a maniac and obsessive liar rather than listen to sense. The lack of education is starkly on display, but so is the hatred. Politics- when done correctly- is supposed to be THE one thing that makes the lives of millions and billions better. And when it goes down, shit happens.
The only way to fight Trump is by education. Good, real education. You want a new slogan for the US politics. There, you can have this one for free:
Make America think again.

Everything that you find wrong in the above passage, is everything that is wrong with Donald Trump. If you find you lost track of what’s happening, or how it is all linked together, or you are wondering why the grammar is not perfect, don’t worry. I lost track of it too while writing. Don’t go back and read it, it’s pointless.

I wasted 2.5 hours of my life writing this. I am also sorry that I did not even have to Google any of this bul***it, it all stayed with me after listening to Trump for a whole year. I am confident that this shall be collapsed due to one or the other reason at some or the other point. But still, this is the most fun I have had writing anything ever!
Oh, and did I mention that I hate the way Donald Trump talks, and that he can speak for hours without really saying anything? - Vikrant