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Monday, August 1, 2016

What people WANT, vs. what they NEED!

Dear Readers:

Starting today we are going to look at things even more dispassionately than before, and take sides with what makes sense in this world, not what someone thinks it should be!


First of all, with house prices going through the roof here in Canada, (Especially out in Vancouver) the government has added a tax on real estate deals made by people who don't live in the country! (This is aimed directly at the multitude of rich Chinese who drive up house prices to the point where an average family can't afford to buy a home anymore!)

Two things at work here bunky: First of all these rich Chinese would LIKE to have an exemption from this tax here in Canada, but they don't NEED one!

Second: The left wing tree huggers claim this is discrimination against the Chinese because it's not "Politically Correct," so they would LIKE the tax to be cancelled.

Third: Vancouver house prices are untenable at their current rate so families NEED them to come down!

Hence, prices should come down!


Another example on an International scale:

Russia NEEDS a warm-water port, so they took back the land in Crimea they gave/lent to Ukraine a few decades ago when it was still part of the Soviet Union!

But, they don't NEED a bumper against the West by grabbing land anywhere else, they just WANT it ......, so they should stop it!


China WANTS control over more territory, so they are making claims on stuff in the South China Sea because ......, because ......, well because it's called the "South China Sea."

But they don't NEED anything there, so they should stop it too!


Some Arab States WANT to destroy Israel, but they don't NEED to, so they should stop it as well!


Religious leaders, and political leaders who use religion as a front, WANT to be in charge of everybody, but they don't NEED to be in that position, as demonstrated by ISIS, the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Unitarians and Rastafarians!


These are just a few quick examples of what people WANT, against what they NEED, and we will have more of these in the coming days and weeks ahead!


(To be continued!)