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Friday, 26 August 2016

You could be next!

Dear Readers:

Image result for putin clipartIt was an established fact that Edward Snowden, who is living in exile in Russia, is beholden to Vladimir Putin and can be used for propaganda purposes at any time as long as it's not too obvious!

Now it appears as if Julian Assange of Wikileaks might be in the grip, (or at least influence) of Vlad and his buddies at well.

We all know by now that Putin wants Drumpf to win the election, and and he got Assange to announce that they will be releasing all sorts of nasty shit on Hilary Clinton just before the November election.

This whole thing just gets better and better folks!


Scientists have found something entirely new: a galaxy as huge as the Milky Way that is made up entirely of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that barely interacts with the “normal” matter we’re familiar with.

Scientists  say it's 300 million light years from our own Milky Way Galaxy and although nobody can see it, they insist it's really there! (Dark matter is the name given to something that we can’t see, but know must be there.)

A warning has been issued to stay away from that area of space in case we accidentally bump into it! 


 “No one will ever believe you.” Six simple words. And yet there’s an entire corner of the Internet dedicated to the phrase – well, as uttered by the legendary Bill Murray, anyway.

From crashing weddings to participating in city-wide party hopping, Murray has a habit of showing up in random places, and then disappearing as if he was never there to begin with. The only thing he leaves behind is a tale to be told to skeptical friends, whom, as the actor often suggests, have a difficult time believing their buddy’s story.

Maybe Murray is slipping, though. This past week, the actor walked into a restaurant at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and casually ate a few fries off a stranger’s plate, according to a redditor.

What makes the story different this time is that there’s photo evidence:


 According to TIME, this isn’t the first time Murray has stolen fries. In yet another reddit post, penned by user Lurker32 in 2010, the actor swiped the food off of him in New York’s Times Square.

“When I was waiting to cross at the 46th and 7th crosswalk I noticed a hand slip around me from behind and grab two of my fries. In my confusion I turned around and HOLY SHIT ITS BILL F—KING MURRAY!” the post reads. “Before I could get a word out, he yelled over the crowd, ‘No one will ever believe you.’ He then cross to the other side of 7th avenue and disappeared into the crowd.”

(You could be next!)
 You could be next.