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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Any hayseed of yours is a hayseed of mine!

To whom it may concern:

I remember once, many, many years ago I overheard L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame discussing a new edict he wanted to implement, and the guy who was running the Toronto office said: "We can't tell them that, Ron. They're not completely stupid you know!"

Image result for hayseedTo which Ron Hubbard replied: "Let's just see how stupid they really are!" (That was the last day I had anything to do with Scientology ....., or religion in general!)

By the same token I often wonder about the intelligence of the average North American (We're talking both Canadians and Americans here folks.) so when I ran across this letter on "Quora" digest it immediately rang a bell!

The question was: "How is it possible that Americans don't realize how foolish will we look as a nation, if God forbid, Donald Trump takes the election in November?"

You can basically divide Americans into about three categories:

(1) People who are highly educated, maybe lived or traveled abroad a decent amount, and pay attention to news and current events while having the ability to think critically about issues and form opinions based on actual facts, math, reason, science, and logic. The groups is no more than 10% of the US population nowadays and many members of Congress or GOP presidential candidates would not even fall within this group.

(2) People from the right wing who basically think government is evil, the “mainstream media” is inherently lying and biased, and that right wing talk radio hosts, Foxnews, Drudge, or lunatics on Twitter are speaking the ultimate Biblical truth. They generally believe in conspiracies and extremism over facts and reason. You cannot argue with them over climate change or Obama’s birthplace, they don’t care about actual facts, the bogus lunacy they hear from their right wing media sources is the ultimate driving force in their minds. They generally are motivated by white nationalism and the concept that America i.e. “white Christian America” is the ultimate place, better and superior to all nations and other groups, even if in reality most of white Christian America is pretty backwards and vulgar nowadays. This group of people is unfortunately at least 35–40% of the American population.

(3) The remaining 50% or so of the US population is not necessarily extremely partisan politically but are consumed by consumerism and capitalism. There main concern is when the next iPhone comes out, and accumulating as much money and material possession as possible. They pay little attention to politics or current events except when something trendy happens like a mass shooting. Nevertheless, they will often adopt whatever the trendy political topic is of the time (“DC is broken!”) and bitch about the system or The Man while not even bothering to vote or protest over anything. To me they are basically lemmings. Maybe it’s the extreme form of capitalism in the US that literally turns humans into corporate lemmings who can’t think, or maybe it’s the US education system that doesn’t teach people to think critically.

Whatever it is, there are many people in America who just have no ability to understand, think, or analyze information. If the next iPhone becomes a bust they would be a lot more outraged than if the entire federal government went bust.
So put the above groups together and what do you get? A nation with a small sliver of educated people who understand what is going on, then a large group of right wing lunatics who think they know what is going on but literally have backwards destructive ideas that would cause Civil War and race riots, and then the balance of the population that probably cannot even find five countries on a map, name the current US Vice President, or explain who the US got independence from.

When you have a country composed of sub par people like that then what do you expect? People like Trump are not an anomaly, they are actually a very accurate reflection of how stupid the American public has become. Trump is just the stereotypical “ugly American” or angry old white guy, the only difference is that he may become President!