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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Between a rock and a hard place!

Dear readers:

Did you know that Canada and Denmark have sort of been at war for the last 70 or 80 years over an island up in the far north?

(Not really a shooting war kids, but a war of words none the less.)

The territory in question is called Hans Island in the Arctic North. It’s a barren small island consisting completely of rock and has a population of none.

It also happens to be within 12 miles from both the Danish and Canadian sea borders so both have a claim to it under international rules.

This island was deemed Danish territory by the League of Nations in 1933 but because the League fell apart in the 30s this jurisdiction holds no real value. 

Nobody really paid any attention to this rock until 1984 when the then Danish minister for Greenland affairs visited it. He left a Danish flag, a sign saying “Welcome to the Danish island” and a bottle of brandy.

Since then whenever the military of either country have visited the island they have replaced the flag with their own and left a bottle of schnaps or Canadian Club next to it. 

(It's been reported that the island is not completely deserted ...., it's inhabited by some very drunk seals.)

This is the island in question:

Currently, a plan is in the works that could turn Hans Island into a shared territory that would be jointly managed by the Canadian and Danish municipalities bordering it.