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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Did "Don the Con" have a cold?

To whom it may concern:

Folks I'm not attempting to make any false accusations here, and I certainly don't want to suggest that Donald Trump took something as a "performance enhancer," but due to the fact that he had lots of energy in the first half hour, and then rapidly lost his stamina and concentration during the final hour of the debate ...., something has to account for all that sniffing and snuffling he did!


Donald Trump demonstrated clearly three things:
  • He hates strong women and loathes that he’s in a competition with one of the strongest, smartest people in politics … who happens to be a woman.
  • He cannot shut his mouth and allow an opponent to speak. He’s so out of emotional control and so impulsive that he has the mentality of a child. Instead of listening to hear, he listens only waiting for the next moment to blather.
  • He wasn’t prepared and quite possibly cannot prepare. He is so used to his previous shtick working (diarrhea of the mouth, repeating debunked lies) that he cannot grasp dealing in facts and empirical information.

Oh, by the way, you might enjoy this cartoon a reader sent in this morning!