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Thursday, 29 September 2016

"Don the Con" Trump is a real piece of shit!

To whom it may concern:

Image result for donald trumpI don't know about you, but the sight of "Don the Con" Drumpf is starting to make me sick!

It's getting to the point where just looking at him, or listening to him turns my stomach.

Image result for donald trumpHis arrogance, his level of comfort with political violence, his dysfunctional relationships, his sociopathic tendencies, lying, grandiosity, narcissism, inflammatory language, extroversion, neuroticism,  mental-health problems, psychopathy, intellectual rigidity, malice, relentless reward-seeking, callousness, rudeness, arrogance, lack of empathy,  and lack of agreeableness make him a truly disgusting human being! (I keep saying he is the epitome of "The Ugly American" and that ain't no compliment folks! The REALLY scary part is that there is a certain percentage of the American population that thinks this guy is the greatest thing since sliced bread!)

Image result for piece of shitIn this video listen to what he says about the bad news concerning Hillary Clinton. 

NOTHING! He just says there is bad news about Hillary Clinton, and leaves it up to his audience to imagine the worst!

What a piece of shit!

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