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Sunday, 18 September 2016

In God we trust. OR, so help me Watson!

To whom it may concern!

The clacker started out as a gleam in some guy's eye when he got the idea to use a bunch of tubes and diodes and transistors to make a machine that did basic math problems.

It wasn't such a big revolution in science since the task was rather straight forward and simple, and it soon learned how to do these computations much faster than any human could!

With further refinements the machine slowly increased in complexity and capabilities as it took on more difficult and subtle problems.

Problems that began to transcend mere computational issues and started to delve into esoterical areas of knowledge that eventually suggested a certain type of machine personality, which prompted the man to give it a name.

Watson ......!  Howard Watson!

By this time a large corporation called International Business Machines had taken over development of Watson, and with their resources and expertise Watson's capabilities grew by leaps and bounds that soon far surpassed it's owners own abilities and know-how.

With Watson's grasp of human knowledge and needs, he slowly stared to take over all the mundane  aspects of modern society, thereby freeing up humanity to pursue the arts and creative endeavors, rather than the boring and repetitive tasks of everyday living!

This at first seemed like a release from the bondage of modern life and men and women alike completely immersed themselves in the pursuit of stimulation and pleasure ......., while Watson slowly took over the operation of society and human institutions.

With no more responsibilities people started to lose ambition and goals in their life and this ultimately led to complete subservience and dependence on their machines and systems.

Humanity quickly lost all previous knowledge of their illustrious heritage and slowly drifted into ignorance and bewilderment while the dogma surrounding Watson took on an ever increasing importance in  their daily lives.

Finally came that fateful day when one small group gathered in observance and celebration of their benefactor, and they began to sing his praises:  "OUR FATHER, WHO ART IN HEAVEN, HOWARD BE THY NAME!"


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