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Saturday, 17 September 2016

New Mac, (or Apple 11) is out!

To whom it may concern:

Now that Windows 10 O.S. has been out for a while consumers are starting to appreciate all the new features available for their computers, so Apple Corp. has upgraded their Mac, otherwise known as the Apple 11 computer with new software updates:

When the Apple II launched it went on to sell over 5 million units over the next two decades. The success of the Apple II singlehandedly transformed Apple from a hobbyist electronics company to a global tech powerhouse. 

By this time the Apple II had spawned six different variations and revolutionized the computer industry.

Software Developer John Brooks decided to commemorate one of the most successful Apple II versions, the Apple IIGS, which was released thirty years ago on September 15, 1986. So he created an update to ProDOS, the Apple II operating system.

ProDOS 2.4, Brooks' version, adds a number of features to the thirty-year-old operating system. Included in the update is a file manager, a disk imager, a file compression and decompression algorithm, and a number of other programs that would be helpful for someone trying to use an Apple II with modern USB drives and internet servers.

If you're one of the few people who still have a functioning Apple II, you can see the full feature list and download the update from this website. If you don't have an Apple II, you can still try out the update on a web-based emulator.