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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Praise Allah!

To whom it may concern:

I have heard that London, Ontario has the largest percentage of Muslims in the country and it seemed like most of them were in Springbank Park for the celebration of Eid over the last several days.

(Springbank Park runs along the Thames river here on the western edge of London. It's a beautiful spot with hundreds of acres of greenery and lots of family stuff so it's a natural for get-togethers like this!

(The observant now can opt to slaughter their sheep for the holiday on a growing roster of farms in the area; they can purchase organic, grass-fed meat for their feast from a green halal grocer, and  send money to charity through the local Muslim association.)


This has brought up the question of what the Iranians are going to do now that Saudi Arabia has made it more difficult for them to attend the Hajj each year.
Iranian Muslims will not be able to perform this year's traditional pilgrimage – the Hajj – after the Iran and Saudi Arabia failed to reach an agreement on security issues. The announcement came as an Iranian delegation left Saudi Arabia after negotiations failed.
Agreements had been reached in some areas, including the use of electronic visas that could be printed by Iranian pilgrims, as Saudi diplomatic missions remain closed in Iran. However, Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati blamed Saudi Arabia for trying to sabotage talks.
Performing the Hajj ritual this year is virtually impossible," he was quoted by state-run Press TV as saying. "Given the way Saudi authorities treated Iranian delegates and talked to them during two rounds of negotiations as well as in view of their sabotage and obstacles they created, unfortunately, Iranian pilgrims cannot go to Hajj this year," he added.
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 (Why is it that whenever I see this I think of the movie "2001.")

 One solution might be to hold the Hajj in Springbank Park as well since those hundred of thousands, or perhaps even millions of Iranian Muslims would sure do wonders for our local tourist industry!(We also have an International airport right here in the city for direct flights from Tehran!)

We could hold it in the circle at the "Rose Garden"

Not only that, but there's plenty of free parking in the parking lot by Storybook Gardens!

I can already hear the cash registers ringing!!!!!!