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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Reading with deadly intent!

To whom it may concern:

Folks I could be way off base here, but from the preliminary info I got about that police shooting in Charlotte something stinks to high heaven!

The cops said they stopped a guy and ordered him out of the car, and when he drew a pistol they ordered him to drop it, (which was heard by witnesses) and when he made threatening gestures they shot him!

The family, meanwhile, said he was sitting in the car reading a book when he was shot!!!!

Folks, I don't know who, or what is true in this story, but the mere fact that we can have two wildly divergent accounts of this situation says something about the emotions surrounding the relationships between the black community and law enforcement in the United States!

I don't know what the solution is ......, but I do know the answer is NOT Drumpf!