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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion # 993

To whom it may concern:
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Folks, I'm totally confused about U.S.politics!

This week Hillary Clinton called some of Donald Drumpfs supporters "deplorable" and you would think the world was about to end.

Donald, meanwhile, continues to lie, and cheat, and malign, and incite, and obfuscate ......, and nobody seems to give a damn!


Lotto Max had two winning tickets in Ontario to split 60 million bucks last night, so I guess I will have to settle for 30 mil!


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Too often, it can feel like women literally can’t leave the house without society commenting our bodies and the way we dress ourselves. Sadly, this is now even happening to our teachers. That’s right: Patrice Brown, who teaches the fourth grade in Atlanta, Georgia, is being heavily criticized because of the way she dresses when she teaches students. And the hashtag #TeacherBae was started just so that people could take to Twitter to discuss whether or not the woman’s outfits are truly inappropriate or not. Like, what?

(I'll tell ya one thing kids, the last time I saw a teacher dress like this was in high school when the gym teacher ran away with the principal!)


With house prices going thru the roof in Toronto have ya ever wondered what half a million bucks will get you?

500 thousand house toronto

Now keep in mind that these are semi-detached homes folks, if ya want both halves it will run you a cool million!


Out of the ten worst restaurants in North America, nine of them are pizza joints and one is a hamburger stand. (Burger King)