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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion About Eskimos!

Dear Readers:

Jann Arden's use of the word "Eskimo" in social media posts disappointed some of the Canadian singing star's fans. Remember Jann Arden?

Remember her song "Insensitive?"

Well according to some of her fans she IS rather insensitive!

Jann Arden's use of the term "Eskimo" in social media posts this week has upset some of the Canadian singing star's fans.

Arden posted a picture online of her elderly mother and her dog bundled up together in the cold.

She captioned it, "My Eskimo family."

WELL ......, some fans challenged Arden on her Facebook page for using a word they considered outdated and offensive. [sic]

**Mary Ching, we also used to use the N word freely. Does that make it ok? If a whole people takes offense at a label, it's time to change it. Eskimo is a derogatory word in Cree for the people who live in the north. Inuit is the beautiful name they call themselves. Have some respect please.


**Greg Sawka. This word is racist? " Wow!! Somebody needs to find a good laxative!!! Anybody who gets so easily offended is in desperate need of a reality check!! Try living in a country where people suffer REAL discrimination!! Lighten up, for God's sake!!!

Then Jann added her own two cents worth: " I think I'm gonna call my next record, white ass bitch- the Eskimo sessions."

Now let's get things back into "Perspective" here folks, remember that the football team from Jann's home town is called "The Edmonton Eskimos!"

Now if ya want to see something REALLY racist, how about this trailer from an Anthony Quinn movie from 1960?