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"I know this couple. They were likely at the Trump rallies fist pumping and chanting lock her up. They hate Obama for all the reasons that their cult had been spoon fed by Trump and the right wing conspiracy nut jobs. They were reading all the revolution and populist propaganda from Breitbart. They’d be cussing with Rush Limbaugh and praying at the alter of Fox news everyday. Hannity would be echoing in their heads. They’d be at the church pot luck lunch after the Sunday sermon talking about fighting for their christian rights to be the custodians of America and their Christian Nation." -Kevin Moore.

Monday, 26 September 2016

The ups and downs of kidney stones!

To whom it may concern:

Psst, hey buddy! About to go for an operation to remove some kidney stones?

Image result for roller coaster clipartTry going to your local amusement park and riding the roller coaster a bunch of times first.

Yup, it's a lot more fun than cutting you open, and it will also help pass the kidney stones a good percentage of the time!

If not, there's always laughing gas!!!!!!!


Here's what right wing talk radio is all about these days folks:

Secret Service Called On Trump Adviser Who Said Clinton Should Be Shot For Treason: Al Baldasaro says he stands by the remark, but was misunderstood. “Naturally, you have to go in front of a court and be found guilty. If somebody didn’t understand that, then I’m sorry.”


You're never going to believe this but I checked and double checked for anything else interesting on the Internet today and there isn't a damned thing.

It's all about Trump and Clinton.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow!


Speaking of Drumpf, if he had any sense at all he should have run for Mayor of New York City becaause he would fit in there a lot better than the American heartland.

But then again, that job probably wasn't big enough to satisfy his ego!