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Friday, 2 September 2016

Things aren't always what they seem!

Dear Readers:

We are happy to report that Canadians with disabilities are finding it easier to deal with the bureaucracies on all levels of government as illustrated by this story:
VANCOUVER -- A lawyer for a deaf man says her client has won a human rights victory after the British Columbia government's failure to provide financial support meant he was nearly evicted for being unable to pay his rent.

Sarah Khan says 43-year-old Christopher Shay of Coquitlam filed for income assistance in September 2014 and had to withdraw from a computer science course after waiting five weeks for money.

Khan says she and another lawyer at the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre filed a human rights complaint against the province's social development ministry, alleging discrimination and failure to accommodate their client's disability.
When asked to comment on the settlement he received, Mr. Shay said: "Eh?"


In the ongoing sage of Fox News we have  another revelation: Gretchen Carlson Taped Conversations With Roger Ailes – Report

This shocking episode was spurred, according to the report, by more than a year of inappropriate remarks made by Ailes to former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, who taped her conversations with the executive on her iPhone.

During several conversations Ms. Carlson accused Ailes of heavy breathing during discussions about her work and on air presentation.

Ailes, meanwhile, said it was all bullshit, and he was just working out on the treadmill in his office while talking to Ms. Carlson!

This is far from over, folks!


In the soon to be released movie "Arrival" we have a story of how humans attempt to talk to Aliens when we have no common groundwork for language and communication between our different species.

Fortunately that problem may already have been solved by this example: