In that effort, Clinton has a willing partner in arson: The ghost of Trump past. On Wednesday, Pema Levy of Mother Jones dug up a video that will fuel the flames. It shows Trump at a 2007 appearance in San Francisco. A young woman steps to a microphone and asks how many jets she has and whether she can work on one. “Come on up here,” Trump says. “I think she’s hired.”

As the woman walks to the lectern, the crowd hoots. As she gets near, Trump takes a good long look at her d├ęcolletage, then says, “You’re hired.” What happens next is even stranger. He tells a story:
You know, I had a case that was very interesting. A beautiful girl who was 17 or 18 and applied to be a waitress. So beautiful. She's like a world-class beauty—like the young lady who just asked a question about the actress. She's so beautiful. And my people came and she said, "Mr. Trump, she has no experience." So I interviewed her anyway because she was so pretty. And I said, "Let me ask you, do you have any experience?" She goes, "No, sir." I say, "When can you start?"

As the young woman walks off the stage, Trump goes on:
See now, if she worked on my plane, that's like a death wish for me, right? That's like an alcoholic—I have a few friends, they’re wonderful people, they’re alcoholics. You put Scotch in front of them, it's like—this would be my form of alcoholism.
The exchange is striking for several reasons. Here is Trump, by now two years into his third marriage, delighting in publicly ogling a woman, and calling her a “death wish” for him. Then there’s the story of how he flirtatiously hired a woman he thought might be underage simply because she was attractive.