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Monday, September 26, 2016


To whom it may concern:

We have a 'winner of the day' for ya boys and girls!

A police officers' association in California bought a bicycle for a local teenager after one cop discovered that he walks four hours to and from work every day.
Corporal Kirk Keffer of the Benicia Police Department found Jourdan Duncan, 19, walking home late one night last week, and offered to give him a ride, the Benicia Police Officers' Association said in a statement on its website.

 Duncan shared his story with Keffer, telling the cop that he was saving money for college and did not have a car or bicycle. He walks from Vallejo, where he lives, to Benicia in order to get to work, according to the association. The two towns are about 8 miles apart.

Keffer then shared the youth's story with the rest of the police officers' association and on Monday evening, they surprised Duncan with a new bicycle, purchased by the association.

"You never know someone’s story until you talk to them. A young man’s work ethic and determination moved our officers to help him with his future," the Benicia Police Department said in a Facebook post.