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Monday, 24 October 2016


Dear Readers:

Imagine taking a car and parking it out in a field somewhere ......, starting it up ....., and then letting it run on fast idle forever!

Imagine the amount of greenhouse gas this would produce!
Image result for cow fart
Now, replace that car with a cow.

The cow produces greenhouse gas farts about as much as that car would ......, except there are more cows in the world than there are cars!!!!!

(I'm still amazed that the 'P.E.T.A.' people have not jumped all over this in their quest to get everybody to become vegetarian!)

Image result for petaWhat to do? What to do?


Scientists have discovered that feeding these cows a natural form of seaweed can reduce a cows greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 98 - 99%.

That would also get rid of all that farting noise!