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Monday, 17 October 2016

Did he did, or did he didn't?

To whom it may concern:

Aside from being at war with the Democrats, 'Don the Con Trumplethinskin' is now going into battle with his own party over the latest bullshit line he is trying to get his uneducated, gullible, red neck constituents to fall for!

Yup, the 'crooked' Hillary line didn't work, and the mentally incompetent ruse fell by the wayside, as well as the rumour that Hillary was physically on deaths door, and then again there was all that shit her husband pulled when she was the first lady and ......, OK I'll give them that one, but I still like Bill, and would vote for him!  

Now what 'Don the Con' is trying to do is convince everyone that the election is rigged by the crooked Democrats and the crooked media and the only way he is going to lose is through voter fraud!!!!

The only problem is that the GOP won't go along with him because they know it's all bullshit and they don't want to appear a dumb as he is!

Since poor old Donald isn't making much headway in his latest attempts to  flamboozle the American public there are now rumours his is just going to adopt a "scorched earth" policy and watch the world burn .......,  and God help anybody that tries to get in his way!

SPEAKING OF PRESIDENTS: I ran across this picture of the last time Obama visited Amsterdam!!!!