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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion #44

Dear Readers:

Cops, by the very nature of their work, are constantly under a microscope about how they handle themselves in various situations!

Oh, we've all heard about how police officers beat some of the people they are arresting, and how a bunch of cops shot an unarmed black man 30 or 40 times, but shit like this happens almost daily on the most mundane levels you can imagine.

There was a condominium tenants meeting  at a Best Western hotel in Coquitlam B.C. yesterday and things got a little out of hand with a lot of yelling and arguing amongst the people attending until it got to the point where the RCMP were called in.
A statement from RCMP Supt. Sean Maloney said police were called to a Best Western in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam on Wednesday evening after they received a report that fighting had broken out at a tenants meeting.
The meeting was stopped, but Maloney said officers arrested an elderly couple -- who witnesses said had refused to leave -- and police will be forwarding a report to the Crown about criminal charges.
Maloney said no formal complaint had been made to the detachment about the arrest or the video, but added that a preliminary review of the video confirmed the involvement of Coquitlam RCMP members.
"I respect and understand that the video may cause concern to the public,"
Yup, an elderly couple in their 80's refused to leave and had the full weight of the R.C.M.Pu. rain down on their heads!

A statement from the RCMP on Saturday says New Westminster police have been asked to conduct an external police investigation into the arrest that will look at the entire incident, including the actions of Coquitlam RCMP.