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Consciousness is not a phenomenon of the observable universe. It is that which makes the universe observable. Consciousness is the physical manifestation of God within us!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

To whom it may concern:

Image result for godEver since I started doing the research for my book: "An Exploration of Religion and the Meaning of Life!" I have been heavily immersed in the nature of God, the nature of Nature, the nature of Humans, and the nature of Consciousness, because they are all intertwined and when taken as a whole produce what we see as reality!

Image result for wizard of ozDuring some idle conjecture last night I had a small epiphany on how the movie "The Wizard of Oz" sort of explains what is going on in the (for want of a better term) real world.

Yup, there's layer after layer of stuff in the movie and we're never sure which is the truth and which isn't!

Image result for wizard of ozOn the first layer we have Dorothy in Kansas, which we consider to be the real world ......, but then she goes to Oz and it's in full colour with all sorts of magic and wonderment, and good and bad witches, and Munchkins, and 'follow the yellow brick road' and magic slippers, nasty little flying things, and a few companions with some serious hang-ups! (Mainstream Religion!)

Image result for wizard of ozFrom there it gets even more confusing because we meet what we consider to be GOD (The great and powerful OZ) but he's like organized religion's concept of the almighty, while at the same time we are not supposed to look behind the curtain because that's the real God!!!! (When in actual fact he's just some old carnival huckster with a hot air balloon!)

Image result for the wizard from the wizard of oz

AND FINALLY: We have the slippers to take us back home! (Even if home is only in black and white!)

Image result for dorothy's slippers from the wizard of oz 

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