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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Send in the Clowns!

To whom it may concern:

With Halloween only a few weeks away there is a disturbing trend here in Canada and the United States that involves an invasion by clowns .........., and we're not talking about the friendly ones either kids!
 Rachel Vorona Cote

Image result for creepy clownOkay jokers, listen up. Maybe you think dressing as a psychotic clown seems like jolly good fun. Maybe you see it as some larger commentary on the macabre absurdity of human existence. Maybe you didn’t have to sleep with the lights on for an entire summer after watching Steven King’s It at a slumber party. I don’t care — we’re done with this bullshit.
For those catching up, people across the country have been dressing up in clown costumes in an attempt to scare youngsters. In North and South Carolina individuals in scary clown costumes were reportedly luring children into the woods.
Image result for creepy clownNow Fox 4 News reports that a number of schools in North Texas are investigating “creepy clown messages.” Although the messages are purportedly hoaxes, students say that threats are making their way across social media — though, it’s not exactly clear what kind of danger these clowns pose. One student from Grady Spruce High School alleges to have seen a clown tying balloons to cars in the parking lot.
Grady Spruce and a number of other schools even implemented lock downs late Monday morning, at which point some parents arrived to take their children home. Craig Miller, the School District Police Chief in Dallas, claims that the lock downs were called not only in response to the clown messages, but also for routine drug dog checks. He moreover believes that some of the pictures being circulated on social media were not taken in the area.
Nevertheless, parents are being notified via automated messaged regarding a vague clown threat. Cool.
Image result for creepy clownThis sinister clown jamboree has also inspired violent behavior from a 13-year-old girl in Virginia. According to the AP, she purportedly asked a person pretending to be a clown on social media to kill one of her teachers. Just days before, coastal Virginia cities Newport News and Hampton both heightened their security after receiving clown-related threats on social media. And as the video below details, schools in the Denver, Colorado area are taking extra precautions due to testimonies regarding prowling clowns.

This video was from Florida but apparently they have an even worse problem in South Park, Colorado!

HALIFAX -- Police are investigating after a photo posted on social media appeared to show a clown standing on a sidewalk outside a Halifax high school.

Const. Dianne Woodworth says students at Halifax West High School advised staff of the photo posted to Instagram Tuesday morning.

Woodworth says police went to the school, but nothing suspicious was found.

She says an investigator is looking into it further, although there is no threat to the public.

The photo was posted to an Instagram account called Halifax Clowns.

There have been sightings of creepy clowns across North America in recent months, with most being hoaxes or social media-fuelled pranks.

Teenagers who were photographed in August wearing clown masks and wielding a chain allegedly chased home kids from a park in Gatineau, Que.


Send in the Clowns- Trump Parody Barbra Streisand