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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Three o'clock in the morning!

To whom it may concern:

It's one thirty in the morning and the only reason I'm up is because I have a cold and the coughing woke me up! (And just like Donald I have the sniffles, but there is a good excuse for mine.)

The only times I can remember being up and sober at this time of the night is when I was doing the all night radio show in Vancouver those many years ago.

All the other times I would just have gotten home from the bars, either with company,  (or more often than not by myself) and decided it was time for bed because I was in no shape to be doing anything constructive!

This is what got me to thinking about what the hell Donald Drumpf was doing up between three and five in the morning that compelled him to be tweeting about all sorts of stuff!

Whatever it was, it must have been really eating at him because this is not the time of night to be making sane and sensible decisions, as witnessed by what he was saying on twitter!

As for myself, it might be hard to get back to sleep with this cold, so maybe I'll tweet Donald and ask him "what's up?"