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Thursday, 6 October 2016

What's wrong with this picture?

To whom it may concern:

It all started out as a protest over cops shooting black kids, and led to this sign and T-shirt as the official slogan of the protest group!

This quickly morphed into a protest and a T-shirt on the TV show 'South Park' called "Token's Life Matters!"

Oh, just in case ya didn't know, Token is the token black kid on this popular show!

(Black Lives Matter is an international movement against violence and racism toward black people, one that has especially been fueled by recent police shootings of African-Americans in the United States.)

Now this didn't seem to cause too much of a stink because, after all, this is "South Park" we're talking about!


Things are not always the same when we come to the Politically Correct atmosphere in those bastions of 'free speech' and liberalism ...., Universities! [sic]

Western University has come out swinging against what it calls a “repugnant” misuse of the Black Lives Matter slogan that was shared online over the weekend, when defiant students held a homecoming bash.

Image result for western lives matterIn a statement Tuesday, a school executive said Western was made aware “of a number of images, symbols and slogans that were shared by Western community members through social media over the past weekend.”

Specifically cited were “images of a banner with the slogan ‘Western Lives Matter,’” with school vice-president Jana Luker saying it “has produced outrage and backlash within our community.”
In a video posted to Facebook, the head of Western’s undergraduate student government, Eddy Avila, said he could not let the offending banner go unrecognized.
“Equating the student upheaval (stemming from) the Homecoming date change to the Black Live Matter movement — which represents years of pain, oppression and violence — is the epitome of ignorance and privilege. And it essentially belittles their entire movement. We have to be aware that some people’s lives depend on protest, that some are fighting for some very basic human right. We have to be aware of the social and historical context of struggle,” Avila said.
Folks, this sort of nonsense has to stop and the only thing that comes to mind is a couple of things my first wife used to say in situation like this:

The first was: "Deal With It!"

The second was "Take A Pill!"