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Friday, 7 October 2016

Why would Trump not make a good president?

To whom it may concern:
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We get letters every day about 'Don the Con' Trumplethinskin and so far this is one of my favourites!

Allan:     Why would Trump not make a good president?
  1. He doesn’t understand anything about government.
  2. He doesn’t understand economics.
  3. He doesn’t understand military strategy.
  4. He doesn’t understand diplomacy.
  5. He has no relevant experience whatsoever.
  6. He openly seeks support from white supremacists.
  7. He only has simplistic solutions to complex problems.
  8. He has a very thin skin and would be very easy to bait into starting ill-advised wars.
  9. He is constitutionally incapable of sitting down and studying problems. He couldn’t even practice for the debate against Hillary.
  10. He has repeatedly praised dictators and made clear his intent to use his powers, if he were elected, to go after anyone who criticizes him.
All in all, he is dangerously unsuited to lead any country, let alone one with as large a nuclear stockpile as we have. Why man who combines a frightening lack of knowledge about world affairs with an excessive pride and a stubborn unwillingness to learn 

Habib Fannity,  

AND FINALLY: Here's the latest headline that caught my eye: "Trump Wants Debate to Focus on Policy, Doesn’t like Getting into the Gutter."

(Can anyone say 'hypocrite.')