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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It's not that I don't like Donald Trump ....., oh wait, yes it is!

Dear Readers:

A regular contributor did an analysis of Donald Trumpelthinskin and then sent this in:

I bought his book “The Art of the Deal” 20 years ago and watched “The Apprentice” for the first 4 seasons and respected him as a businessman. This all changed when I started reading negative press about him and had to investigate for myself. Each of these items I list are much longer stories than I should put in here so if you feel strongly about something you should look it up for yourself.
  1. He didn’t write “Art of the Deal” and the man, Tony Schwartz, that did, regrets it and has publicly denounces him.
  2. Grand Hyatt his first deal in partnership with Jay Prizker of Hyatt hotels. Gets deal done with fathers political connections. Successful completion and goes on to sue his partner.
  3. Riverside south - Trump needed bailout goes to China and gets them to give him the money and he gets to build it for a fee and gets 30% stake for nothing. Partners sell it at great profit and he sues them for selling it too cheap.
  4. Partners with Holiday Inn/Harrahs on Marina casino. The next year he buys Hilton casino across the marina now a direct competitor of his partners.
  5. He buys Trump Shuttle (over paid by 65 million). Customer surveys showed what customers wanted: schedule, reliability and frequent flier program. He gives them gold painted faucets, real wood paneling, pink marble sinks. Basically over spends on nonsense and bankrupts the business.
  6. Trump Taj Mahal. He over pays and uses junk bonds with high interest rates to finance the loan and build. Opening day he was going to fail. He would have to make $1.3 million a day just to make interest payments, a sum NO casino had ever achieved.
  7. Trump Taj Mahal was a mistake as he wanted to monopolize AC but that could never work because you cannibalize your other properties like his Trump Plaza.
  8. Trump a “real estate” genius with his ear to the pulse of the industry amidst cries of bubble move forward with Trump Mortgage in 2006. Not in tune with his own industry.
  9. He has some 3,500 lawsuits and Mark Cuban has 10. All of his contemporaries combined don’t have 1/4 of that amount.
  10. A billionaire at 60 years of age is not fishing for money making schemes of the back of the common man. Steaks, bottled water, Trump U., Mortgage, Travel web sites, restaurants etc. These are not failed entrepreneurial ventures but a meglo maniac that hadn’t found his niche. Believing he, of supreme intelligence can make this happen with his name on it and his smarts.
  11. Google “Trump 1984 taxes schedule c” he had 600k in write offs with not a single piece of documentation. How did he not go to jail?
  12. 7 seasons of “The Apprentice”. These winners were all ivy league graduates and most had owned a business or were already successful before winning the position. Not one of them has come forward praising him as a leader and showing support for him.
  13. 4 authors that wrote about him (can't find any that do) and were allowed significant time with him to write about him ALL speak of character flaws and do not support him, actually state plainly he should not be president.
  14. Where are all of these past executives like Carolyn Kepcher or Barbra Res whom both worked for him for over 13 and 18 years to speak on what a wonderful, just, competent leader he would be? Crickets. They don’t speak negatively because of litigation I’d imagine.
  15. His charity is a regifting organization. He receives money from others and then regifts that same money back out in his own name. He has not given to his own charity since 2008.
  16. Open letters from Tech Sector, Past foreign diplomats, his alma mater, and more all against him. These are educated people whom live with us many that have never spoken out before. They see the terrible road we would go on with him.
Warren Buffet said he’d have made more money had he put his money in index funds. Instead he’s destroyed families, screwed and litigated everything for 40 years.
His unwillingness to show tax returns and to put his business into a blind trust shows the impending doom for us if he should win.
Notice I did not touch racism, misogyny, sexual assault, and any other phobia associated with him. Please join me an wait for 2020 for a competent outsider to take the helm.
Hillary and either GOP down ticket or if we could get everybody to independent down ticket we could be well on the way to clearing out Washington. 

Trump is not the answer.