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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Don the Con!

Dear Readers:

According to the Perspective Research Department (after an exhaustive amount of investigative journalism) we have come to the conclusion that 'Don the Con' Trumplethinskin does not have a big manly mane of orange hair on his head, but is instead almost bald ....., and what he does is a sneaky and not very well known secret barber society trick called a "comb-over."

(This means that hair from the left side of his head is allowed to grow abnormally long, and then flipped over the middle of his dome and held down with copious amounts of hair spray! This also acts as a safety helmet in case someone throws
a tomato at him!)

Here we succeeded in catching a gust of wind blowing his coifed hair up and exposing his bald dome underneath!!!!

 Now that this bit of trickery has come to light, we have to wonder what else he's not telling us eh!