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Friday, 4 November 2016

Finally, a sane voice in all this election bullshit!

Dear Readers:

According to the feedback we get  here at 'Allan's Perspective' most people seem to want to talk about the U.S. election ....., and not much else!

Fortunately there are only a few more days of this shitfest to endure before we get back to what some people would call normal.

While we are on the subject of normal, I got a letter from a reader that puts this whole election thing into "Perspective" (God I love that word) and I would like to share it with you.  

He sent this reply to a question posted in Quora Digest:

Allan, the question I would like to  answer is:  Why Hillary Clinton is seen being a serious threat to our country. As an independent voter, why should I vote for her?

I hear that you see her as a threat. Got it. Tens of millions of people see that, too.
So, why should you vote for her?
Because the reason she's seen as a threat to the country is that she is a very serious threat to the last-century ideals of the inherent superiority, simply by right of birth, of white, Christian, straight, adult, American males. Those days are gone and are not coming back.
They could flare up again for four more years if Trump is elected and gets a GOP Senate. You'll see two or three more Scalias on the SCOTUS. You'll see Roe v. Wade overturned. You'll see millions of gay marriages made invalid. You'll see government agencies telling women what to do to their bodies.
HRC stands for 21st Century ideals. Her stance on most issues will by the end of this century be the norm.
And that scares the good old boys in the GOP and the women who believe that an Alpha male should run their lives.
So they long ago began a war on Truth and their only weapon has been to make a lot of people think she's corrupt and a threat to the country.
So, I say that if you're a good old boy who'd like to come home to a wifey who had the house all clean and dinner made, and your neighborhood was all white, straight and Christian, then be afraid of HRC and vote for Trump. Because she IS a threat to that vision of America.
By Ron Wagner, USAF pilot in Presidential Wing at Andrews, airline pilot, aero engineer.