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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I still can't believe it!

Dear Readers:

I still can't believe what a bunch of assholes and idiots those hillbillies down in the States are! They actually voted Don the Con Trumplethinskin in as President of the United States, and still got a royal hosing from the Republicans at the same time.

Here is a political party (GOP) that has dedicated itself to obstructing any and all forms of governance for the past eight years (This is known a treason folks!) and has also hounded Bill and Hillary Clinton for the past 30+ years with a campaign of innuendo, insinuation, implication and outright lies. (Whitewater, Benghazi, E-mails, Vince Foster’s Death, Travelgate, Cash for CattleClinton Foundation, Problems with Pardons, etc.)

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Now the tragic part of this whole mess is that each and every one of the allegations of wrongdoing were concocted by the Republicans and blown out of all proportion ........., and then when nothing came of  any of them the GOP turned around and said: "Yea, well she might not be guilty of this one, [sic] but look how many scandals she has been involved in!!!!!!" 

Sometimes ya can't win for losing folks!