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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh shit! (Yes, and lots of it!)

Dear Readers:

Sometimes just the headline of an article is all ya really need understand the situation!

"Pooping in a Spacesuit Is As Complicated As It Sounds!"

The International Space Station's orbital lavatory is light-years beyond Apollo 10's problematic poop baggy-sticky tape solution, but when NASA sends astronauts to solar system destinations that could mean being stuck in a spacesuit for (potentially) days, how will our space-fliers "go" where no person has gone before?

It turns out that, actually, the U.S. space agency isn't quite sure and they're offering a $30,000 award via the HeroX crowdsourcing website for the person who works it out.

(Note: Why don't they just get Howard Wolowitz from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory: since he has already invented a toilet for the space station!)

Now just for good measure we have included this actual conversation about the subject as recorded by the astronauts during one of their "bio-breaks!"
"Get me a napkin quick," said Apollo 10 commander Tom Stafford with some urgency. "There's a turd floating through the air."
"I didn't do it. It ain't one of mine," replied command module pilot John Young.
"I don't think it's one of mine," added lunar module pilot Gene Cernan.
"Mine was a little more sticky than that. Throw that away," said Stafford.
Young then uttered "God Almighty," before the trio broke into laughter.