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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The many sins of Don the Con Trumplethinskin!

Dear Freinds:

As I said many times over the past few months this Republican witch hunt of Hillary Clinton was all smoke and mirrors, with no hope of actually finding her guilty of anything they accused her of.


It did provide them with some fodder for the charge of: "Look how many things she has been accused of ....., throw her in jail!"

On the other hand Donald Drumpf has been accused of all sorts of things that would probably put him in jail for quite some time if they ever came to trial!!!


For some strange reason none of them seemed to stick. (Here's a list)

Trump Foundation: In some cases, the president-elect allegedly used the foundation as a slush fund to resolve his legal issues. (The New York attorney general is investigating whether the foundation solicited donations without the proper permits to do so. The charity may have also improperly given political donations. These gifts are particularly galling because, Trump seems to have begun using the foundation in the late 2000s as a way to inflate his own charitable giving—although he donated little or nothing, he raised money from others, gave it away, and then claimed credit.)

Trump university:  When Trump recently settled a fraud case against the so-called Trump University, a real-estate seminar that plaintiffs described as a scam, the New York attorney general demanded assurances that the $25 million settlement would come out of Trump’s pocket and not from the foundation.
The 2016 presidential campaign saw a long string of stories showing scandals involving Trump, both large and small—from questionable business dealings to allegations of sexual assault. While they did not derail his presidential hopes, many of them remain live issues as Trump begins his transition to the White House.

The breadth of Trump’s controversies is truly yuge, ranging from allegations of mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings, and from racial discrimination to alleged marital rape. They stretch over more than four decades, from the mid-1970s to the present day. To catalogue the full sweep of allegations would require thousands of words and lump together the trivial with the truly scandalous. Including business deals that have simply failed, without any hint of impropriety, would require thousands more. This is a snapshot of some of the most interesting and largest of those scandals.
 Sexual-Assault Allegations
Where and when: Various, 1970s-2005

The Beauty Pageant Scandals  
Where and when: Various, 1992-present

 Racial Housing Discrimination   
Where and when: New York City, 1973-1975

Mafia Ties   
Where and when: New York and Atlantic City, 1970s- ?

 Trump University   
Where and when: 2005-2010.  Just paid 25 million to make it go away!

Tenant Intimidation
Where and when: New York City, 1982-1986

The Four Bankruptcies   
Where and when: 1991, 1992, 2004, 2009

The Undocumented Polish Workers   
Where and when: New York City, 1980

Alleged Marital Rape   
Where and when: New York City, 1989

Breaking Casino Rules   
Where and when: New York and New Jersey, various

Antitrust Violations   
Where and when: New Jersey, 1986

Condo Hotel Shenanigans 
Where and when: New York, Florida, Mexico, mid-2000s

Corey Lewandowski
Where and when: Jupiter, Florida, 2016

Suing Journalist Tim O’Brien for Libel 
Where and when: New York City, 2006-2009

Refusing to Pay Workers and Contractors
Where and when: various, 1980s-present

Buying Up His Own Books
Where and when: various, 2016
Undocumented Models for Beauty Pageants
Where and when: New York, 1999-?

Circumventing the Cuban Embargo                                                             
 Where and when: Cuba, 1998-present

Once again folks, all the charges against Hillary Clinton were fabricated by the Republicans, but all the sins of Donald Trump were provided by third party, outside individuals!!!