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Monday, 28 November 2016

Trudeau shows his true colours!

Dear Friends:
I've had my suspicions about this guy since he first came on the national stage as a member of Parliament.

Justin Trudeau has always struck me as a lightweight, piece of fluff guy who will go in any direction that the wind blows him!

Today he proved it!

Now before we go any further I have to say that Fidel Castro was not a very nice person, and ruled his country with an iron fist, but in spite of this the Trudeau family and Fidel had a cordial, and some would even say a warm relationship that included numerous trips by the Trudeau's to visit Castro down  in  Cuba, (Margaret Trudeau couldn't say enough nice things about the guy!) and Castro coming to Montreal for Pierre's funeral in 2000.

Now, to get back to the reason for this post!

Justin Trudeau was a fan of Fidel as well, and visited Cuba by himself on several occasions, so it came as no surprise that he announced yesterday that he would fly to Havana.

That's when the shit hit the fan.

Despite the fact that thousand and thousand of Canadians go to Cuba for a vacation every year, and relations between Canada and Cuba were much better than those with the States and Cuba ...., when the Government issued a press release that Justin and Family would be going to Fidel's funeral a small storm of protest arose in both Parliament (By the Conservatives) and certain segments of the population in general.

Now if Justin had the same tenacity and character as his father did he would have said "fuddle-duddle" and gone to the funeral anyway.

Instead he folded like a cheap house of cards, and announced that he would send one of his droids instead!!!

P.S. He's running our country the same wishy-washy way!