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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Maybe games of chance aren't really games of chance!

Dear friends:

After playing literally thousands and thousands of games of 'Free Cell' on my computer over the years, there is something about the law of probabilities that just doesn't seem right.

After playing a few hundred games I notice that my percentage of wins does not conform to what you should expect as a "percentage of wins."

What I mean by this is that the game, if played carefully, should give you a win percentage of about 66%, or two thirds of all the games you played in that session of a few hundred games!

The reality of the matter is that your win percentage can vary from the high fifties to the high seventies over a session, and this means that there are long periods of 'winning.' and other long periods of 'losing' that affect the percentages you are producing.

If you keep in mind that flipping a coin results in a 50 / 50 split fairly quickly (like within ten or twenty games) then I have to wonder why Free Cell, which is a lot more complicated, can skewer the percentages over hundreds of games.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like something fishy is going on here!!!!


There's something fishy going on off the cost of Ireland too, kids!

Local residents are starting an add campaign to lure U.S. citizens to re-locate
there if they are afraid of what Donald Drumpf will do during his stint as U.S. President.

Now back the truck up a bit folks ......., I was under the impression that Canada had first right of refusal concerning these draft dodgers, economic refugees, sensible people and to put a stop to this practice of offering them asylum at once!

To make sure they comply, I would recommend that we immediately invade the Island and annex it as Canadian territory!!


Here's one other quick note that you might find interesting ......,  or not!

Much of the headline-grabbing research about chimpanzees, humans’ closest animal relatives, is framed in terms of how good chimps are at doing things we do. Well, here’s a new finding on something those great apes trounce us at: Recognizing each other’s butts.

(I don't know what the big deal is folks, I know lots of guys who can identify a particular woman's butt from as far as two blocks away!)