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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Return to sender!

Dear Friends:

This shows what sort of people Donald Drumpf is comfortable with!

Leaked! Mike Pence's Emails Are Hundreds of Bounced Back Messages To Jesus: By Clara Morris 

Despite Mike Pence admonishing Hillary Clinton for not releasing private emails, the Vice-President elect seems to be hiding some emails of his own. On Monday, Pence’s lawyers argued that the state of Indiana can’t force him to release emails from his time as governor. Our team of expert hackers got their hands on those emails. 

Check them out below!

Dear Jesus,
I get so conflicted sometimes. My wife is nice and acts like a person all the time. But, intellectually, I know that women aren’t people. Weird, right?

Hey Jesus,
Do you like my haircut? I keep it short for you.

I’m trying to force women to have funerals for abortions and miscarriages so you have more opportunities to visit.
Like, I know you’re not gonna just appear at a regular old person’s funeral. But a tiny fetus funeral? That’s pretty special right?