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Monday, 30 January 2017

A clash of civilizations will not be to the Islamists advantage!

Dear Friends:

After that shooting at a Quebec City Mosque over the weekend the rumours are flying rampant about who did what, when, where, and why.

 One of these news sources [sic] is Ezra Levant's 'The Rebel' which is an ultra right wing publication that is a big fan of Donald Trumplethinskin and critical of Islamic Terrorism while being furtively opposed to Muslims in general!

When asked abut the shooting they answered:
I don’t know the answers. But I know this for sure: we won’t get the whole story from the CBC, or the rest of the mainstream media. They’re less concerned about straight reporting, and more concerned with protecting the official narrative — Muslims are victims, not terrorists; Canadians are racists; anyone worried about radical Islam is a bigot.
 Well ........., like it or not I'm going to give you some answers folks.

I'm not against Muslims in general, but this situation was a long time coming!

This shooting was a direct backlash against all the autocracies committed by ISIS and all the other Muslim Terrorist groups kids, and it ain't gonna stop, it'll just get worse until the Muslims themselves decide that they have to do something about it. There have been tepid proclamations decrying terrorism, but also a lot of duplicitous support for the radicals when they think nobody is watching, and this has to change. 

Radical Islam is attempting to foster a "clash of civilizations," and if and when it starts ...., it's not going to go the way they think.

Instead of uniting the general population to their cause, they are just going to drag the whole Middle East into chaos and destruction!!!!