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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Asylum seekers don't know about Candian winters!

Dear Friends: "Asylum seeker found in Manitoba could lose hands to frostbite."

We mentioned a couple of days ago that immigrants attempting to flee the U.S. before Trump became President aren't very well equipped, or even that knowledgeable about the weather up in the prairies, so when they make a run for the border it's often an 'ill advised' and even foolish venture.

They try to cross into Manitoba since that is the least difficult place to enter Canada ....., that, and because nobody wants to go there in the winter anyway!!!!!

Mohammed says while the chance at a life in Canada seemed worth the risk, he wouldn’t try it again.

The man he was travelling with is also expected to lose his fingers to frostbite. Both have been granted an extended stay in Canada while their injuries heal.