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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Federal Court Dismisses LAV Challenge!

Dear Friends:

As a resident of London, Ontario your long suffering reporter hearkened the decision by the Federal Court to dismiss a lawsuit attempting to stop the sale of L.A.V's to Saudi Arabia. (These LAV's are made here in London and constitute a good percentage of our economy ....., but why would somebody in Quebec care about London!)

LAVs being turned into Afghan war monuments

University of Montreal law professor and noted Separatist Daniel Turp wanted to impose his socialistic, pacifist and politically correct views on the rest of us, but the guys in black at the court-house said that would be the tail wagging the dog ..., and that was a no-no!
Law professor and noted separatist Daniel Turp launched the challenge in an attempt to condemn the $15 billion sale of Light Armoured Vehicles. Turp argued that Saudi Arabia's human rights record was so poor that the court should have the power to review the deal before it went through.
In her decision, Justice Daniele Tremblay-Lamer said the court's sole task was to determine if the sale was legal, and not to "pass moral judgment."

The 15-year deal was negotiated in 2014 by the Harper government. It gives General Dynamics Land Systems Canada a contract to make vehicles that will be equipped with machine guns, 105mm shells, or anti-tank missiles for the Saudi Arabian National Guard.