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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear Friends:

I have stopped following Ezra Levant and "The Rebel" as much as I used to because they are getting a bit too right wing for my tastes. (They love Donald Trump and deny climate change.)


That doesn't mean Ezra can't come out with some pretty good zingers once in a while!

Dear Allan,

I’ve been reading Donald Trump’s books to try to get a better understanding of the new U.S. president.

In his book Trump: Surviving at the Top, he tells a bizarre story about a wild child he met, who had come to Manhattan in the 1970s to party the night away. Trump says he was shocked to discover she was the wife of a prime minister!

Trump didn’t say which prime minister. Was it Margaret Trudeau — wife of then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau

Here’s my investigation: