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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No Trump protest is too small!

Dear Friends:

We have to make these two ladies our - Winners of the Day! -

"Internet charmed by small band of women who marched in tiny N.S. village!"

By Alison Auld in Halifax.

When Gwen Wilson and Melissa Merritt decided at the last minute to organize their own women's march, they were prepared to be the only ones trudging down the sole road in their rural Nova Scotia village on a grey, drizzly Saturday.

The two women who live on the Digby Neck peninsula both wanted to participate in one of the international marches to support women's rights, but would have had to travel almost three hours to get to the closest one in Halifax.

Tiny march

So less than 24 hours before millions of people took to the streets around the world, they issued a call to the 65 year-round residents in Sandy Cove and others in villages that dot the peninsula to join them for their own march, expecting they might be alone in their activism.

When they assembled at the assigned meeting spot -- a school in Sandy Cove that has 22 students -- they were stunned to see about a dozen other women, two men and a few children ready to go.

"We were ecstatic and were like, 'Oh my gosh, there's another truck coming in!"' Wilson exclaimed Tuesday. "It was just a wonderful, joyful feeling of, I don't know -- it's almost indescribable the feeling that you have when people chose to participate with you and you don't even know some of them."

What's more, Wilson says they have been overwhelmed by the response to an eight-second video posted on their Facebook site that shows the 15 marchers laughing and ringing bells as they walk along an empty road that cuts through the fishing community. From a distance, the group can be seen marching down a steep hill and then up another to the fire hall, waving their banners as they slosh through puddles on the narrow road.

The video has become an Internet darling, garnering more than 150,000 views, 500 comments and almost 3,000 shares.