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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives!

Dear Friends:

Image result for donald trump clipartI was thinking about the mind-set of liberals and conservatives and other than everyone's fixation of Political Correctness there seems to be a basic divide on the thought processes between these two groups.

At it's most basic level liberals seem much more willing to embrace new ideas and progressive thinking, while conservatives are mired in their own set of rigid thoughts and morals.

Image result for donald trump clipartThis is the reason Trump won the election: His catchall phrase "Make America Great again!" didn't really identify any specific problems or course of action,  but rather left it up to the individual to determine what his or her vision of a former 'Great America' was!

With "Make America Great Again" Donald Trump didn't have to do anything to convert a sizable portion of the population to his way of thinking ....., because they did it to themselves!