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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Why am I dragon on ....., on a Komodo Dragon like this?

Dear Friends:

A lot of people have trouble with dogs and cats, as well as skunks and racoons in their neighborhood.

We, on the other hand, since we live at the tip of the Thames river valley in London, get a steady influx of deer, wild turkeys, every manor of bird available, and even the occasional brown bear and coyote! (As well as various elves, hobbits and wood fairies!)

Some people in Florida, on the other hand, have a bit of a problem with guys like this:

Meanwhile, some areas are subjected to lions and tigers and bears, oh my ....., and all sorts of poisonous snakes, animals and insects, AS WELL AS THIS KOMODO DRAGON, for people who live in Indonesia!

By the way, Chris Elliot, who has appeared in a slew of sitcoms and TV specials, is the son of Bob Elliot. Here is one of their most famous bits. (It was also copied on the Jerry Seinfeld show!)