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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Dear Friends:

I got this in the mail today!


I hate to tell you this, but the United States has already collapsed. Congress has passed exactly one budget since 2008 and armed separatists defy the federal government without repercussions in Nevada. (Militia)

Democracy has utterly ceased to function on the national level; the popularly elected president (Obama) was unilaterally stripped of his authority by a minority party which (barely) controls the legislative process despite receiving far fewer votes.

That party, in turn, has been hijacked by a delusional psychotic and the party's own extremists and lust for power at any price has prevented Congress -- the one body who could save us from a delusional psychotic president -- from being able to fulfill its basic functions.

It is widely acknowledged by anyone with functioning brain cells that climate change possess an existential threat to the human race, and yet our government is not only utterly incapable of any response, but in fact is now actively trying to make things worse, by repealing the meager efforts that had been undertaken to slow the pace of change and by preventing the dissemination of facts and data documenting the problem.
The government can't govern. The self-correcting mechanism (elections) has been destroyed by gerrymandering, polarization, and one party's decision to elevate power over principle, policy, the common good, or sanity. 

Facts are anathema. Bigotry and fear are the foundational premise of the newly installed regime. We are abandoning our international commitments and our efforts toward a just world in favor of torture, protectionism, and praising murderous autocrats. It seems the only thing the government has the will to do at present is hurt people and transfer tax dollars to corporate cronies.

And to "fix" things, three states are about to allot their electoral votes by Congressional district, allowing them to not only gerrymander eternal minority control of the legislature, but also minority control of the executive branch.

The US has collapsed, and the blame should be shared equally between two large groups: baby boomers who sucked every benefit they could from a prosperous society and strong government, and then destroyed both out of selfishness and racism; and the Republican Party, which exists only to accrue power and use it to dole out goodies to the 1%.


(Sometime that anonymous guy makes sense!!!!)